Yukon UKES help celebrate school board

dsc06514Yukon Public Schools school board members were celebrated Monday night for School Board Appreciation month.
Independence Elementary School’s Yukon UKES performed their first performance out in the community to help celebrate the school board.
The Yukon UKES are led by IES music teacher Zach Trosper, who was also recently named IES’s Teacher of the Year.
Trosper said the Yukon UKES are an intro to band that rehearse three times a week during school. They practice reading music, singing and learning how to practice on their own at home. They’ve had several performances throughout the year, but they were excited about the school board meeting being their first out in the community. Yukon UKES were funded solely through donations from parents and not through any type of grant.
“I have heard the UKES before and they were fabulous the last time I heard them,” Vice President Suzanne Cannon said during Monday’s meeting. “In this time of diminishing budgets and loss of arts programs and stuff like that, I love that we have this and that Mr. Trosper was so thoughtful to think of that. I just think that’s a sign of the innovative ideas that people who work in this district have.”
Other parts of the celebration, including the Board Room being decorated in posters stating,
—“Parkland wants to give you a hand for a job well done! Thank you school board,”
—“Wishing you S’more fun in the year to come- Ranchwood Elementary,”
—“We love YPS School-Board! Thank you,”
—“You are the heart of Yukon,” and
—“Thank you YPS School Board.”
The room was also filled with plenty of “Thank You” cards from Yukon Middle School Career Exploration.
School board members were also given gifts from some of the schools.
Jannette Gamble, administrative assistant and school board secretary, said staff and students from each school come up with their own things and each do something different—whether it be a poster, a card or a goodie bag.
“I just want to thank everyone who is involved with the appreciation this month. The decorations and effort and time that was put into this is very much appreciated,” Clerk Rex VanMeter said during Monday’s meeting.
The board will hosting their Board Appreciation Luncheon from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Jan. 17 at the YPS Administration Building Conference Room.

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