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An apology, an explanation

First off, I want to apologize to all of the members of the Yukon school board for my inaccuracy in Wednesday’s Yukon Review about the school board not being in compliance with the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act. I fully believed I was reporting the truth, but I was wrong and spoke, or wrote, too soon. I take full responsibility for that mistake and my editor, Kyle Salomon, feels a great deal of responsibility too because of his position. Although he is the editor and obviously knew of the column before publication, it was not his fault or anyone else’s. It was my own. It was never my intention to make it a personal attack or anything of that matter against Yukon Public Schools, as a majority of the time I praise the work they do within our schools and within our community.

I was just trying to do my job, which admittedly I’m still learning how to do and will make mistakes, as all of us occasionally do. It was a much bigger mistake than I would ever like to say I made and I’m not proud of it.

I get it, we’re a smaller community with a hometown feel so it is a lot about public relations and building those relationships. I’m interested in building relationships throughout the city and school district as well, but I won’t always just report the positive.

I am here to learn and grow as a journalist, and I will definitely learn from my mistake. As I previously mentioned, I truly am sorry for that mistake.

I’m here as a journalist and to be a “watch dog” for the community. I will make mistakes every so often and I will always apologize for those mistakes and correct them the best that I can, but I do want what’s best for Yukon and will continue to do my job whether people always like me or not.

I appreciate the people who reach out to me when they really enjoy a story and just as much appreciate the people who reach out to when they hate my story, want to know more or just think I’m an idiot. My job depends on all of you and I appreciate all of the input, the good and the bad, and I hope you all can appreciate me as well.

Again, I’m sorry. I will learn from this mistake and hopefully won’t make another mistake for a while. But I can’t promise I won’t ever screw up because journalists are human too.

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