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Officials choose not to name new city attorney

A new city attorney wasn’t named during the last City Council meeting.

City Council members went into an executive session from 7:15-8:45 p.m. Jan. 4 to interview two applicants for the position of city attorney.

City Manager Jim Crosby

City Manager Jim Crosby

City Manager Jim Crosby said after former city attorney Mike Segler retired, the City of Yukon began advertising the position.

The two who were interviewed are the only people who applied for the position. Crosby said he preferred not to give the name of the applicants.

After reconvening from the executive session, the next agenda item was “Discussion and possible action concerning applicants for City Attorney.”

No action was made.

Council members made a motion to postpone the item indefinitely with no other discussion. The Council postponing the item indefinitely doesn’t mean they won’t hire a new city attorney, it just sets a pending motion aside with no specific intention of taking it up again. If a public body postpones something indefinitely, it can be put on the agenda for a future meeting, but does not set a specific time or meeting to take it up again, according to the University of Wisconsin-Extension. If the Council were to have just postponed the agenda item, they would’ve had to postpone it to a specific meeting or time.

Oklahoma Municipal League’s was down at presstime Friday to check OML’s specific wording on the subject.

Crosby, Mayor John Alberts and other Council members didn’t comment on the issue any further during themeeting.

The Council didn’t hire a new city attorney Tuesday because of questions regarding the new contract, Crosby said Jan. 5.

Segler’s contract included a base annual retainer plus an hourly rate for work beyond a certain scope. The question became if they wanted to hire a new city attorney under that same contract or wanted to make it a larger base retainer with no hourly rate.

“Since no one knew if either attorney would be interested in that type of thing, [the Council] wanted me to draw up a contract and send it out to [the Council] and what I recommended. They’ll look it over then we’ll make a decision on who to hire,” Crosby said.

Crosby added that he hopes to have an agreement reached by the next City Council meeting on Dec. 17 so he can make a recommendation and they can go from there.

“We had two excellent applicants. They both had various strengths. I just look forward to getting a new attorney,” Crosby said. “I’ve worked with [Segler] really for 20 something years so it’s kind of a challenge to find somebody else when you’re used to the way somebody else operates, but it’ll be very interesting and I’m looking forward to it.”


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