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Council approves Ambulance Service Agreement with Samaritan EMS

Yukon will soon be receiving a new emergency medical transportation service.

City Council members approved an Ambulance Service Agreement between the City of Yukon and CLV Enterprises INC. d/b/a Samaritan EMS during Jan. 2’s City Council meeting.

The full Ambulance Service Agreement can be found with Jan. 2’s City Council agenda at

Fire Chief Kevin Jones and City Council members originally discussed opening a bid for the city’s emergency medical transportation service during City Council’s work session on Aug. 2.

Yukon has used Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) for $200,000 a year. During the Aug. 2 meeting, Jones added that Yukon works by subsidy and there is no contract with EMSA, so after paying them, officials would have to give EMSA 60 days’ notice by state law to use a different company.

Jones discussed opening the bid after Samaritan EMS expressed interest.

Samaritan EMS began in 2012 and serves Tinker Air Force Base and Stroud, Oklahoma.

“I’m not knocking EMSA at all. They provide excellent service for us and our citizens,” Jones said during the Aug. 2 meeting. “But there’s a few things we’d like to do better and see them do better with. We’re probably going to ask if maybe you’d entertain the idea of going after a bid. We’ve never bid that service before.”

During the Aug. 2 meeting, Jones said he wanted to look at other companies that could offer a four or five minute response time that would be dedicated to Yukon. He also said he thought Samaritan would do a better job at meeting shorter response times because Tinker is a comparable base to Yukon, with the same square footage and same amount of people. 

No decision or timeline for bidding was made during the work session on Aug. 2, but the council agreed with the idea.

The bid closed on Oct. 24 after being up for 21 days.

An item was placed in Nov. 15’s City Council agenda to “Consider approving the bid from Samaritan EMS to provide ambulance services to the City of Yukon at an annual cost of $192,000, as recommended by the Fire Chief.”

After hearing from Jones, EMSA’s president and CEO Steve Williamson and Jason Likens, chief operating officer for Samaritan EMS, the Council unanimously approved accepting Samaritan’s bid.

At the time, Jenna Roberson, Yukon’s public information officer, said that the Council would still have to approve the contract for everything to be official.

Now that the contact has officially been approved, Samaritan EMS will soon be taking over.

“We’re really excited. We’ve already begun the preparations for the new service,” Jones said.

He said the meetings are not scheduled yet, but they’ll have meetings next week with Samaritan officials, and they’ll soon be training together.

“We’re really looking forward to it,” Jones said. “I think the citizens will be really happy with the kind of care they’re going to receive from Samaritan. I’m excited for the people here.”

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