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YPD asks for people to be safe on NYE

As is always the case during the holiday period that closes out each year, there are festive and celebratory events they can also turn deadly.

Yukon Police John Corn said New Year’s Eve can be dangerous because of motorists who choose to drink and drive.

“Extra patrols will be out in force this coming weekend to protect motorists and see to their safety,” Corn said. “There will people at parties and social events where they might drink too much and then get behind the wheel of an automobile and do harm to themselves and others.”

The police chief said partygoers should use precautions before get too caught up in the celebration and forget about safety and that there are several avenues available to protect themselves and others.

“If people make plans and have engagements they’re going to be attending we want them to pre-plan and not be operating a vehicle after they’ve been drinking and definitely not if they’re intoxicated.

“They need to have a plan with a family member or co-worker to designate a driver or utilize one of the commercial services available to get them home safely and not endanger anybody else during the holiday,” Corn advised.

Although there are many establishments along the Garth Brooks corridor and other areas of the city that serve wine, beer and liquor there has not really been an increase in drunken driving in that area for a couple of reasons.

There’s a public stigma attached to a DUI offense and the repercussions from the notoriety and the great expense toll it can take, Corn said and that the penalties for being arrested for driving under the influence are “enormous.” But, due to a couple of factors, the number of holiday DUI’s has decreased.

“When you couple those things, where you have public scrutiny associated with those who drive under the influence and the fiscal impact, we really have reduced the number of DUI’s overall, he said. “We want everyone to be reminded that it’s better to pre-plan, have a designated driver and be responsible when you’re attending parties and functions. Don’t put yourself in a situation that might harm yourselves or others by operating a motor vehicle. Be safe and enjoy the holiday.”

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