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Local business targeted by OG&E scam

The Miller Grill, 326 Elm Ave., became the target of an OG&E scam call Tuesday afternoon.

Owner Sherry McCormack received a call on Tuesday afternoon. The caller ID said OG&E and the man on the other end of the line proceeded to inform her their bill was past due and they owed almost $850, which is around the amount of their electric bill normally runs. She was also told that if she didn’t pay the delinquent bill someone would be coming to shut off their electric. He then gave her a phone number to call to pay the bill.

Sherry listened to the whole call and took down the number he gave her before letting him know she knew it was a scam.

“I let him know, ‘just so you know, I wasn’t born yesterday. This phone call is being recorded for the police,’ and he was like ‘F the police. I don’t care about the police,’” Sherry said. “’Okay, I’m just letting you know I’m not stupid. This is a scam and you’re not getting money from me.’ Then he hung up and that was basically all of it.”

Sherry did call the number just to see what it would direct her to. It directed her to what sounded like a legitimate OG&E automated system, but it didn’t give an option to talk to an OG&E representative or any other options except checking or paying a balance.

“It was pretty legit, it sounded real,” Owner Jason McCormack added.

Sherry said that if someone was naïve or didn’t know, they would’ve fell for it.

“I just couldn’t believe people would stoop that low,” Sherry said. “I just couldn’t be that way.”

Jason said the major red flag for Sherry was that it happened to The Miller Grill not even six months ago while they were on vacation and their general manager called them to let them know they needed to pay their bill and OG&E was on their to shut off their electric.

Jason added that about a year ago a friend of his who is a business owner in Oklahoma City went through the same thing.

“I’ve been through the whole thing and I’ve had my electricity cut off years ago when I was living in El Reno so I know that they don’t call you,” Jason said. “They’re going to send you a letter. No one is going to show up at your door. They actually are going to send a letter. You’re going to get a 48-hour cut off notice. You’re not going to get a phone call from them saying ‘hey, we’re on our way.’ That was the biggest red flag.”

Sherry said OG&E will always send a letter so they have paper trails, not phone calls.

The Miller Grill may not be the only Yukon business that the scam happened to. Jason said he was pretty sure Wings & Things, 608 W. Vandament Ave., also had it happened to them on Tuesday.

Sherry and Jason said if someone gets a call like this, they should always wait and not send money immediately. Then call the phone number that is on their actual bill to verify.

“I just hope nobody falls for it,” Sherry said.

Jason posted about the scam on the Yukon Happenings Facebook page to warn people that it was happening.

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