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Patience is key as Yukon searches for next football coach

Earlier this month, Yukon High School head football coach Brian Sauser resigned from his position to move closer to family in Iowa.

Shortly after his resignation, I met with Yukon Public Schools Director of Athletics Mike Clark about what he is looking for in the next head football coach for the Millers.

One of the topics we discussed with the search was the timeline in which Clark and the Yukon Public Schools administration were looking to hire their new coach. Clark immediately said he wanted to make the hire as soon as possible, but after several seconds of thought, he refrained from that comment and said with the timing of Coach Sauser’s resignation, he and the administration had some time to make sure they get the right guy in place.

Clark told me I would be one of the first to know after a hire had been made and here we are, nearly a month later, and I still haven’t heard anything from Clark or any YPS administrators as far as the head football coach vacancy is concerned.

To this, I have to say BRAVO to Clark and to the Yukon Public Schools administration. Their silence on the matter and the fact we are nearing the new year and still a hire has yet to be made is a good thing for the future of Yukon Millers football.

This tells me they are doing their due diligence with every candidate and making sure they are going to hire the coach that will turn the program into a juggernaut, which is what this program, district and community expect and deserve.

The past two years, Yukon football has been at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Class 6A-1. The Millers have a combined record of 2-18, including an 0-10 mark from this previous season. They have not won a playoff game since 1997 when YHS made a surprising run to the 6A state championship game and maybe more important than anything, Yukon hasn’t come close to competing with their archrival Mustang in the past three seasons.

If you are brand new to Yukon and know absolutely nothing about Oklahoma high school football and you drive northwest-bound on Ranchwood Blvd. and take a look to your left, you might think, “My goodness, I bet the best high school football team in the state plays there!”

Yes, Miller Stadium is one of the best facilities in the state, if not the premier high school football stadium in Oklahoma. I mean the football facilities at Yukon are so nice, a professional soccer team asked to use them as their own.

Yes, that “professional” soccer team ended up being arguably the biggest flop in Oklahoma professional sports history, but they still begged Yukon Public Schools to use Miller Stadium, which is quite impressive.

As far as candidates for the position go, there are millions of rumors flying around through different sources saying Yukon has offered this guy the position or that guy the job as head football coach, but until I get that call from Mike Clark, I won’t believe a thing.

I know to some people out there, taking this long to make a hire is not a good sign and several members of the community are getting anxious to see who is going to lead Miller football next fall, but trust me folks, this is not a decision you want the A.D. and administration to make hastily.

I’d say by the looks of things, they are doing it right.

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