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Rob Davis named Yukon High School Teacher of the Year

Rob Davis, 2016-2017 Yukon High School Teacher of the Year, teaches Keystone, Pre-AP Oklahoma History, and Native American Expressions.  Rob also coaches football and the Academic Team.  This is his third year at YHS and his fifteenth year in Education.  Before joining the YHS family Rob taught nine years at Canton High School in Canton, Oklahoma. 

“I am deeply honored to be selected by such a talented, hard working group of educators.” Davis said.  “When I received this honor I was shocked and excited to know that my peers believe I am worthy of the awesome responsibility to represent them.  There are zero words to express how honored I am of knowing that these educators who inspire me on a daily basis think that I am going above and beyond for my students.” 

Rob has served as a mentor teacher at Yukon for first year educators as well as student-teachers who are assigned to YHS.  He works with his administration and other teacher leaders as a PLC facilitator.  Rob recently worked with Oklahoma State School Board and Apple to create a free database of historical references and lessons that any teacher can use with their computer or iPad.  Rob enjoys volunteering at multiple museums where he speaks to various groups and even gives tours.  He is also a history reenactor where he portrays historical figures in Oklahoma for school groups or at public events.  Rob is currently wrapping up his graduate degree in administration from SWOSU. 

When asking Rob about what he enjoys during the school day, his enthusiasm is evident when discussing teaching history in his “classroom/museum”.  “History is a subject that should create excitement in people.  When I walk into a science classroom I see students in a science lab, so why not have my students in a history museum?  Here my students are surrounded by authentic items ranging from the Yukon Mill to items from the Oklahoma City Bombing or the civil rights.”  Davis also emphasized his use of technology to create challenging activities where students research events and express what is learned in their own way.  “If there is one constant in my classroom it is the long-lasting relationships that are established between me and my students.  On day one I tell them that they have officially been adopted; by the end of the year my students understand and know the truth behind this statement”.

Rob has lived in Yukon for three years with his wife, Rachel and their two children, Paige and Myles.  “I cannot think of a better place to raise a family.” Davis said about living in Yukon.  “One of the most important decisions a parent can make is finding the right home for his family.  We are extremely blessed to have found our home here in Yukon and I am very proud to wear my red and white and call myself a Miller.”  

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  1. Jane Kennedy on December 21, 2016 at 11:10 am

    Congratulations, Rob.
    I see from your comments that you already understand the honor and obligations that come with the recognition by Yukon educators as their Teacher of the Year. My best wishes to you for a successful application for STATE Teacher of the Year.

    Jane Kennedy
    1986 OKTOY

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