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Yukon woman collects donations for homeless campsite

A Yukon resident decided to make the extra effort to help those in need this month after meeting a new friend.

Stacy Hatcher, founder and president of Knock Out Bullying Inc., said she was eating at Burger King when she “randomly” decided she would rather be feeding people who hadn’t eaten. Her and her fiancé drove to McDonald’s and bought 20 McChickens then picked up a case of Dr. Pepper.

A friend of Hatcher’s told her an approximate location of a group of homeless people so that’s where they decided to take them.

Upon arriving to the location, Hatcher began passing them out to people who had backpacks and sleeping bags with them. While driving down the street a woman waved. Hatcher then realized it was a camp, so they turned around to meet the woman, whose name was Rosie. Rosie is like a mom to the people at the campsite.

Hatcher told Rosie she had 11 McChickens left, and Rosie told her there’s 12 in that specific area and 30 altogether. So Hatcher and her fiancé went back to McDonald’s to pick up 30 more McChickens and got some water before heading back to the campsite.

“[Rosie] said ‘God is good and it feels like Christmas morning,’ and she hugged me,” Hatcher said. “I personally brought some donations back to her and some of the people closest to her. Even peanut butter and jelly, they were so excited because they knew they were going to have food.”

Rosie showed Hatcher around and even invited her into the camp.

“It’s very heartwarming,” Hatcher said. “It was kind of an experience and an education all-in-one.”

Hatcher got a list of items they could use and told Rosie she didn’t know when she would be back, but she’d be back.

Hatcher decided to ask the community for help to get Rosie and her friends the items they need.

“It’s human kind. It gives people hope to care for one another. You never know if it could be you,” Hatcher said.

Hatcher will be at Wal-Mart in Yukon from 3-3:30 p.m. on Sunday to collect items for Rosie and friends.

The list of donation items include: gently used blankets, bottled water, paper towels, toilet paper, tampons and pads, coats, gloves, hats, socks, panties, baby wipes, can foods, can opener, tarps, tents, whistles for safety, pepper spray, ice chest, Band-Aids, Ibuprofen, and deodorant.

Hatcher will be bringing the items to Rosie’s camp immediately following Wal-Mart, so if you are unable to make that time but have donations, call or text Hatcher at 537-5112.

For more information on Rosie and friends, visit the Facebook event Help For ROSIE AND FRIENDS (Collection event).

The location of Rosie’s campsite will not be released to protect the safety of her and her friends.

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