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Yukon begins coaching search as Sauser resigns from Miller football

After two seasons as the head coach at Yukon and three total seasons in the program, Brian Sauser has decided to resign his position as the head football coach at Yukon Public Schools and move back to Iowa to be closer to his family.

Sauser had this to say in regards to his resignation from the Yukon football program.

“I have decided to resign as head football coach at Yukon High School due to family health issues and a desire to return back to our family roots in the midwest,” Sauser stated. “Choosing to walk away at this time is very difficult as it has been a great experience at Yukon, but as a family we have made the decision that we feel like is in the best interests of our family. I am extremely proud of the progress and improvements we have made at Yukon behind the scenes developing the football program. I have no doubt that the leadership program (E+R=O), academic improvement planning and the strength and conditioning program I developed with the players at Yukon will undoubtedly lead to unprecedented success for Yukon Football in the future. I feel like it is in everyone’s best interest to resign at this time to allow the Yukon Football program the opportunity to find a new leader for the entire off-season in preparation for a successful 2017 campaign. I wish the Yukon Football program nothing but the best and our family will always look fondly on our time as Millers.”

Sauser was a combined 2-18 during his two years as the head football coach at Yukon and now that he has decided to move on, Yukon Public School Director of Athletics, Mike Clark has one of the biggest decisions of his professional career coming up with the hiring of the next football coach at Yukon Public Schools.

“I truly believe being the head football coach at Yukon High School is one of the toughest jobs on campus,” Clark said. “Out of all 10 games on our schedule this past season, not one game did we go into it as the favorite. We play a really tough schedule and that is can be scary to some coaches. I believe some coaches are a little scared coming into 6A-1 football because of the overall level of competition from top to bottom.”

Clark said he was proud of the way the coaching staff kept the players focused and how they battled game-in and game-out.

“Every time we took the field, we were ready to play,” Clark said. “That’s a huge testament to our coaches. Those guys worked day and night in preparing our guys to play that coming week. We were competitive in every game we played, so I don’t believe the gap is that big to close.”

Clark laid out several topics he and the people around him will be looking at mostly when they are making the decision on who will be the next football coach at Yukon.

“We want to bring someone in who is a great X’s and O’s coach,” Clark said. “Someone who knows football extremely well and will be able to compete at this level. We also want to bring in someone who is a great communicator, both with our players and also our school and our community. Our community is so great when it comes to supporting Yukon athletics. It’s important we bring someone in who understands that and values that.

“We also want to bring someone in who is going to be committed to having strong youth and middle school programs. That is what makes a football program great. You go and see what teams like Jenks and Broken Arrow are doing, they have unbelievable youth and middle school programs. We have some great youth and middle school teams here and we need to build on that going forward.”

Yukon is a rare position compared to other high schools in the state that are looking for head football coaches because they have the resources that other places don’t have.

“We are in a good financial situation as a school,” Clark said. “We also have the best facilities in the state and we have tremendous support from the community. The key to closing the gap and going to where we want to go as a football program is making a strong hire. I want a coach who is going to think out of the box a little bit. If we bring someone in who is going to try and beat some of the powers in 6A-1 at their own game, we aren’t going to close the gap. We need someone who is going to be creative and innovative.

“I’m also not opposed to hiring a young coach if I feel like he is the right person for the program. Joe Castiglione took a chance on Bob Stoops a while ago because he saw something in him. If I see something in someone, even if they are young, I would hire him.”

Clark pointed out that this coming hire will be the biggest decision of his career but he doesn’t feel a lot pressure behind it.

“This is a big decisison,” Clark said. “We are in the process of putting together a group of people to form a committee to help with the decision and hiring process. This is the biggest hire I will ever make sitting at this desk. We are going to make a decision together and make the hire together. I don’t feel any extra amount of pressure, but I do understand the importance of this hire.”

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