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City attorney Mike Segler retires from post after 23 years

Yukon city attorney Mike Segler has announced he will retire from his position with the city effective January 4 after 23 years at the post.

“I’ve learned a lot over the years,” Segler said this week. “It’s been very positive. There’s times when it’s a challenge but overall it’s been a fruitful relationship.”

City Manager Jim Crosby had a glowing assessment of Segler as city attorney and said working with the veteran city attorney has developed into a lasting friendship.

“He’s done an excellent job for us and he’s a dear friend,” Crosby said this week. “While our business relationship with Mike will end, our friendship won’t.”

The city manager said quality and experienced city attorneys are hard to find and Segler’s legal expertise will be missed.

 “There are only a few people in the state that are that knowledgeable and are able to just walk in and do this kind of work,” he said. “It will be hard to replace him due to his mastery of city law.

“There are not a lot of people who are city attorneys,” Crosby continued. “We’re going to hire somebody to replace Mike but, with his experience and knowledge with municipal law, it’s a specialty and he’s done a real good job at it.”

Segler works for the law firm Wheatley, Segler, Osby & Miller LLC, in Yukon and has served as Yukon city attorney for over two decades while maintaining a private client base as well; a workload that can be exhausting. He estimates he’s averaged 30 meetings a year, which totals over 600 evenings away from home.

“That’s a lot of night meetings and a lot of time away from my family,” Segler said. “I’ve learned a lot and I’ve enjoyed it but 23 years is a lot of meetings and a lot of time away from my family.”

Crosby said he understands Segler’s decision to step down after over two decades of service to the City of Yukon.

“He wants to take care of his regular clients and be home at night,” Crosby said regarding Segler’s desire to step down. “I think he felt that he’d been here long enough. He’s done a super job but it’s time to walk away.

“We’ve been very happy with him and I wish him well,” Crosby added. “Being in the business as long as I have and going to as many meetings as I have I understand the strain that it sometimes puts on families. I respect his decision and wish him the best.”

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