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Yukon graduate turns hobby into living

Growing up as a young boy, Kurien Cary loved to help his dad around the house helping with projects, especially when it came to working with wood to build or fix different things.

At that time, Cary just thought it was a fun hobby for himself, but now he is turning that talent into a career.

In 2015, Cary launched 828 Wood Works, which is based out of Stillwater. Cary is living in Stillwater and attending Oklahoma State University. He graduated from Yukon High School in 2012. Cary’s family moved to Yukon from Texas in 1999 and he went to Yukon Public Schools his entire life.

Cary attended Parkland Elementary School and Independence Middle School before moving on to YHS. Cary was a member of the YHS football, track and golf teams.

He went to OSU on a track and field scholarship, where he threw the discus, the shotput and hammer for the Cowboy track team.

Cary is studying structural engineering at Oklahoma State and will be done with school in three or four semesters.

After he completed an engineering internship in the summer of 2015, he was trying to decide what he wanted to do to make some extra money while in college.

“I just got bored one day, so I came home and wanted to build something,” Cary said. “I took a wood pallet apart and built a coffee table with it and I gave it my sister. One of her friends liked it, so she asked me if I could build one for her. I then decided to build one and put it on Craig’s List and it sold for my asking price. That’s when I started thinking that I may have something here.”

Going into Christmas break of that year, that’s when Cary decided to not go back to the engineering internship, but start his own wood-working business instead.

“It was originally just supposed to be something that made me a few extra bucks on the side while I was going to school,” Cary said. “Then it just took off and I am making a living at it right now. I definitely want to build a future with it.”

Cary currently has his shop in Stillwater because that is where he lives, but when he graduates from Oklahoma State, he said he is planning on moving back to the Oklahoma City area and brining 828 Wood Works with him.

“I definitely want to come back and have my business in the Oklahoma City area,” Cary said. “Maybe in Yukon, but definitely in the OKC-area. I love Yukon and Yukon Public Schools. There are so many people in that school district who helped me out in so many ways. Yukon is a special place.”

When it comes to the future of 828 Wood Works, Cary said he wants to see it expand into multiple shops and watch it grow as big as it can.

“Right now, our prices are about a third of the prices at Pottery Barn and a fourth of the prices at Urban Farm House,” Cary said. “We are a local company serving local people. We are a family-owned business. We are able to build things a lot cheaper than most companies.”

Cary has two sisters and one brother-in-law who help him and are involved in the business. He said everything they make is made with real wood, it is hand-made and locally stored. Cary said most of their orders are custom orders and each project takes a different amount of time based on what the project is.

The business will be one of the vendors at the Indie Trunk Show on Dec. 10 at the Fairgrounds Cox Pavilion in Oklahoma City. The show will begin at 10 a.m. and run until 5 p.m. that day.

828 Wood Works has a website,, they are on Facebook at 828 Wood Works, on Instagram @828WoodWorks and Snapchat at Eight28WoodWork. They can be reached at 641-5084 or at

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