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‘God guides’ local artist

Bruce Hall, owner of Bruce Hall Signs, credits all of his success to God.

“I would be laying in a gutter without Jesus. I hate when people say they’re self-made. He gives me the talent, he gives me the jobs, he gives me favor, he gives me the ability—I’m really nothing without him,” Hall said. “It’s not me. It’s God. He guides my hand. I pray over every sign I do. He is more real to me than anybody. I would really be nothing without him.”

Hall is originally from Midland, Texas, but said he loves Oklahoma.

“I’m from Texas and I’ve got a heart as big as Texas,” Hall said. “But it’s like I’ve got a love affair with Oklahoma and I get to paint her.”

Hall is a third-generation commercial artist.

His dad was laid off around Christmas time when he was a child in the ‘60s. He didn’t have any money for presents, but used his art skills to begin painting Christmas signs. He brought his children along with him and it became a tradition to all start painting the signs for the holiday season on Thanksgiving or the day after. His dad would pay them for their work too.

“My dad always told us, ‘kids, I’ve taught you something where you’ll never be broke at Christmas time,’” Hall said.

Hall said his dad could letter a sign for a business in about 20 minutes.

“It was amazing speed and accuracy and it would look beautiful,” Hall said.

Hall got married to his wife Kimberly in 1987.

“We were broke and in love so I told my dad, ‘You have to teach me how to letter. That’s where the money is at is in lettering, anybody can draw a character. I’ve gotta branch out on my own, please show me,’” Hall said. “He kept telling me ‘I will, I will, I will’ so I just stayed after him and said ‘Daddy please show me how.’”

One night Hall’s dad finally decided to show him how in his living room.

“When he did that, it was like a light went off in my head. I said ‘That’s it?’ and he said ‘That’s it,’” Hall said.

A couple of days after showing Hall how to letter, his dad passed away.

“I was so thankful that he took that time to show me his trade secret and now I’ve showed it to my sons and my wife,” Hall said.

Kimberly and their two sons, Caleb and Elijah, all help with the business. Hall is passing down the business to Caleb, but essentially both of his sons, he said. Caleb has already started his own business.

“I’m passing the sign business to them. I still help, but I’m giving it to them more and more,” Hall said. “They’re amazing artists so they’re the fourth generation.”

Hall has been painting signs in Oklahoma since 1987, but is also now in seven states.

He does a lot of painting for Sonic.

“Thank God for Sonic,” Hall said.

“You don’t have to have a permit for window signs. It’s the cheapest way to advertise,” Hall said. “People look out their car window. They don’t look up high at a sign. I always tell people, ‘don’t spend a lot of money on a big overhead sign’ because people are just going to look right out their car windows at your windows as they drive by,” Hall said. “Your windows are just a sign waiting to happen. It’ll give your business a voice. I always say a business without window signs is a mute business. I’m thankful that we give businesses a voice.”

Hall said his customers always tell him that their sales increased after the windows were painted.

“When people drive by and see a business without any window signs, it just looks like it’s closed,” he said. “If you can make people smile—when they get out of the car and look at the windows and see the seasonal work—before they even come in the door then half your sale is already done, just by making them happy before they even get inside.”

Hall doesn’t only do window signs, but all kinds of signs. He also does custom Christmas cutouts, windows for Western Days in Mustang and is the Oklahoma City Thunder’s official artist.

Hall said Thunder officials called him and asked if he’d be the team’s official artist and gave him legal permission to paint the logo and Rumble the mascot.

Hall is also the owner of The Bed Bugs Store, but said his heart is in art and Bruce Hall Signs is his primary business.

Hall said his pricing depends on the job, but he’s very affordable and is usually willing to work with people if they’re afraid they won’t be able to afford it.

“A lot of people that will read this article will think ‘oh man, I wish I could do that, but I just can’t afford it,’ but I do help people out that are having a hard time, at least the best that I can,” Hall said. “My goal is to help folks not to just fleece (swindle) them for more money.”

For more information about Bruce Hall Signs or to get a quote for custom cutouts or window painting, contact Hall at 728-0167.

“We work with people. We take their ideas and make them come to life,” Hall said. “We can make your business look like a Christmas card.”

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