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Estep named Myer’s Elementary Teacher of the Year

Amanda Estep was named Myer’s Teacher of the Year for 2016. Amanda is the physical education at Myers Elementary. This is her 7th year teaching, all of which has been at Myers.  She serves on the Safety and Health Team at Myers as well as the Healthy and Fit Advisory Committee for the district.

Mrs. Estep enjoys seeing her students’ excitement about physical education every day. Her main goal is providing a positive environment so the students feel confident and proud of themselves. It is important to her that her students leave her class with a positive feeling about exercise and their health. “There is nothing better than seeing a student smile and feel accomplished about achieving something they thought they couldn’t do,” Mrs. Estep expressed.

Mrs. Estep attended Yukon Public Schools from Kindergarten until she graduated in 2005. She lives in Yukon with her husband and two children. She feels so thankful and blessed to get to work in the community that she grew up in and loves so much.

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  1. Katie Cook on November 16, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    She’s a fabulous woman that’s loves her students!

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