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Yukon resident visits old friend in Maine, tells of her experience with her books

Judy Chancellor, longtime Yukon resident, and her husband recently traveled to Georgetown, Maine to visit Dahlov Ipcar.

Ipcar, 98, painted the mural that’s inside the United States Post Office on Garth Brooks Boulevard in 1941. Ipcar will turn 99 on Saturday.

Before marrying her husband, Ipcar was trying to get her book illustrations published, but no one who saw her portfolio seemed interested so she gave up. Her book illustrating career officially began in 1945 when The Little Fisherman by Margaret Wise Brown was published with her illustrations.

“And I just took off,” Ipcar said.

After doing a couple of books for other writers, she got the idea she could write her own books.

Ipcar’s first published book was Animal Hide and Seek in 1947. Then she ended up doing two books a year.

“You had to do all your own separations,” Ipcar said. “You were limited to your four colors. I got very good at doing that, but now everybody does full color illustrations and no one knows anything about doing that anymore.”

My Wonderful Christmas Tree is the only book Ipcar had printed in full color, which was the last book she illustrated.

She wrote and illustrated 30 children’s books, as well as wrote four fantasy novels and a volume of short stories for adults.

Chancellor owns nine or 10 of Ipcar’s books. She’s given them to her 8-year-old grandson, Dylan, who is a second grader at Central Elementary School. Chancellor said her and her family just love Ipcar’s work.

“I think it’s important,” Chancellor said. “She changed the whole dynamics of children’s books and children’s literature.”

Chancellor added that Ipcar was one of the pioneers of children’s literature. Prior to her work, people were writing fairy tales, but Ipcar gave them something they could physically see and understand to read about.

“She really changed the history of children’s books and she didn’t quit,” Chancellor said. “She did amazing things, just look at her books.”

Chancellor was born in Maine and feels a connection to Ipcar. She said she was excited to be able to visit her.

“She liked my husband. It was just my husband and I that went. We stayed an hour and she didn’t want us to leave,” Chancellor said. “There’s just so much to this lady. She is one neat woman.”

While visiting, Ipcar gave Chancellor the book Deep Sea Farm.

“It’s about a farm at the bottom of the ocean and a farmer who rides sea horses. It’s a really neat book. It’s my favorite,” Chancellor said.

Chancellor added that she thought the Mabel C. Fry Public Library in Yukon would benefit from displaying children’s book like Dahlov’s in the front case.

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  1. Judy Oliver Chancellor on November 14, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    Being in Maine was breath my daughter Becky said…it was God’s coloring book…and how right she was as she visit’s the state of Washington often. My hubby enjoyed all our kin and staying in my birth house on the island of Georgetown Maine….I had two ghosts visits…one at night and one outside in the sunshine. Trey took pictures of the new battleship in Bath’s ship yard…it looks like something out of Star Wars. Visiting Dahlov Ipcar who painted Yukon’s Land Run Mural at our post office was a high light along with eating lobster soup, lobster roll’s, blueberry pancakes and blueberry soda and blueberry cake. Thank you to Margie Oliver and my sister Joyce Oliver for the good moments of our visit…and kiss kiss to my three nephews, Jason, Jimbo and Michael and their families. When Dahlov turn’s 100 next Nov, hubby and I are planning on returning to Maine. This was the first time ever that a plane trip didn’t scare me….so I am ready to fly to Maine, one more time. And a bear hug to my double cousin Tom Burgess

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