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Hearing from the editor: New era for the Yukon Review

I came to the Yukon Review on March 22 as the Managing Editor. Since that time, I have added the role of Sports Editor to my plate in early June.

I came to Yukon at a very interesting time for the town, as they were going through a financial crisis that recently was finalized with the forensic audit that told us the funds were not missing, they were just mismanaged.

Since then, the town and community have moved forward and focused on the positive rather than the negative, which is what we try to do here at the Review every day.

When I came to the Review, it had been without an official editor for nearly nine months since Conrad Dudderar left for New Jersey to be closer to family.

Conrad had been the editor at the Yukon Review for a quarter of a century and the Yukon community revered him, as they should. He was an amazing journalist with an incredible ability to put out stories and newspapers that showed the world how amazing the Yukon community is, which is one of the main responsibilities of a community newspaper.

It seems like everywhere I went in Yukon, I was reminded of the way Conrad used to do things and told repeatedly I should do things his way because that is what this community is used to.

For the first five or six months on the job, I felt like I was always two steps behind. The rest of the staff and I worked tirelessly trying to put out quality newspapers that resembled the old days of when Conrad was here and every time, we came up short.

About two months ago, I came to a realization that I am not Conrad and I will never be Conrad. I realized then that I needed to stop trying to be something or someone I am not, despite what everyone around the community was telling me.

I needed to pave my own path, blaze my own trail and make this position and opportunity I have been blessed with my own. Does this mean that I believe the way Conrad did things was wrong? Absolutely not. Obviously, what he was able to do here was and is amazing and cannot be duplicated.

What I can do, is do the best job I know how to do. In 2015, I was the General Manager and Sports Editor for the Mustang News, which won the Sequoyah Award for the best newspaper in our particular division, so I have a strong understanding of what makes a community newspaper successful.

One thing I truly believe in is getting hyper-local content in the newspaper every edition. We are the Yukon Review and we want to have Yukon news in the paper and that is our ultimate goal. We will also have some county-related news in the Yukon Review. As the paper with one of the largest circulations in Canadian County, I truly believe it is our duty to publish news that will affect people in the county, and with Yukon being the biggest overall town in the county, that news is very important.

We have made some recent changes to the overall look of the paper and we are still not done making those changes. Our goal is to make the look of the paper attractive to all ages. We have a tremendous staff here at the Yukon Review that works extremely hard for this community. Yes, we are human beings, so mistakes are always going to happen, but putting a great newspaper out every Wednesday and Saturday is our ultimate goal.

I would like to invite anyone from the Yukon community to come by the office at 110 S. Main St. and visit with me if you have any ideas, questions or concerns regarding the Yukon Review.

I say all of this not because I am trying to forget about what Conrad was able to do here at the Review. We need to always remember how much he did for this community and what he turned the Yukon Review into in his 25 years as the editor.

I am simply saying that the staff we have here is very strong and capable and the Yukon Review is here and here to stay. Come by and see us sometime!


  1. Judy Oliver Chancellor on November 14, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    Dearest Kyle…You have just walked deeper into my heart with your writing this marvelous article. Yes indeed our paper, the Yukon Review is looking it’s best ever…thanks to your guiding it and hiring sweet reporter Maleyia Vaughn…plus how lucky to have seasoned Jim Powell covering our city leaders. Yes you are a damn good editor and writer yourself !!! We are lucky to know you. I pray the community will pay a visit to you and see your gentle spirit. Everyone has a story…and it’s the human interest stories that light us up like lighthouses. I love ’em.

    PS…Thank you for covering my much deserved trip to my birth island in Maine…with lobster, ghosts and all.

  2. John on November 14, 2016 at 7:46 pm

    Rock on Kyle!!!

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