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Election day finally here

A Senate seat and two House District seats will be on the ballot for many local voters next Tuesday.

Sen. Ron Justice is leaving District 23 due to term limits and Larry Wasson, democrat, and Lonnie Paxton, republican, are vying for who will take over the seat.

Then on the House side, republican incumbent John Paul Jordan faces democrat challenger Mike Bounds in the House District 43 race.

Rep. Leslie Osborn also hopes to retain her House Dist. 47 seat against democratic opponent O.A. Cargill.

At the national level, other races on the ballot include the Dist. 3 and Dist. 4 U.S. Representative seats.

Republican Frank D. Lucas, the incumbent, faces democrat challenger Frankie Robbins for the Dist. 3 seat. Republican incumbent Tom Cole is up against libertarian Sevier White and democrat Christina Owen for Dist. 4.

U.S. Sen. James Lankford is seeking re-election but faces libertarian Robert T. Murphy, democrat Mike Workman and independents Mark T. Beard and Sean Braddy.

Several judicial retentions also will be on the Nov. 8 general election ballot.

For more information, the Oklahoma Bar Association has gathered non-biased information on the judges. It is available at

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