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New chief ready to start

City’s quality care for its residents attracted him to job

Mustang’s incoming nChiefew police chief Robert Groseclose is ready to start work on Oct. 31

“I’ve been really excited. I just can’t tell you how excited I am. This is awesome.”

Recently, Groseclose was in town for a uniform fitting, a tour of city hall and the police department.

Groseclose said it didn’t taken long for him to realize how special the City of Mustang is.

He said the city truly has a vision and leaders have made the needed improvements to bring in new businesses and to prepare for the city’s growth.

“It’s amazing,” Groseclose said.

In his interview process, Groseclose said he liked his interaction with City Manager Tim Rooney.

“He is a lot like I am. He seems to genuinely care about the people. That is something that is really hard to find.”

Rooney’s recent award as one of the state’s top city managers also caught Groseclose’s eye.

“I feel like I am going to work for a really high quality of people and that’s important to me – to work for people that really care.”

Groseclose says that as chief, he will bring to the table his experience, positive attitude, genuine care and concern for the people of Mustang.

“My job is to make the officers’ job easier and better. Their job is to protect the people of Mustang and as chief I have to make that job a lot easier.”

Groseclose will be welcomed to the community in a brief reception before the 6 p.m. Nov. 1 council meeting where he will be officially sworn in as chief.

His calling
Since he was 20 years old, Groseclose has worked in law enforcement. He started his career in Forest Park and has worked as a sheriff’s deputy and police chief. His current role is head of security for St. Anthony network of hospitals.

“My whole life I always wanted to be a policeman. I have felt an obligation to serve, to give back to my community and the world.”

Both of his grandfathers were in World War II and served in the military. “I have always had the desire to do for other and give back.”

“It gives me personal satisfaction.”

Groseclose served on a task force with the FBI for a few years, he said. “It was a long two years but it was a lot of fun and I learned alot.”

The new chief resides in eastern Oklahoma county with his wife of seven years, Rachel and two kids, ages 8 and 12.

They have a farm with his wife raising 40 chickens, six ducks, six dogs and four cats.

“Our house is kind of like a giant petting zoo.”

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