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PTSD treatment center permit renewed

Mustang councilmembers approved the special use permit renewal of a treatment center that helps young girls with PTSD.

The private residential facility, located at 1150 E. State Highway 152 in the old Cosby Ranch, helps girls age 13 to 17 and is managed by operator Robert Cornelius. It provides medical, psychiatric and behavioral healthcare.

The Mustang Treatment Center opened in October 2014 and every two years, the facility must be reviewed by the council for consideration of a two-year extension if all conditions are met.

Community Development Director Melissa Helsel told the council that after the center the first opened, two girls were involved in an incident that led to the police being called. “The director says they have learned from that,” she said.

No additional incidents have been reported from the treatment center and Helsel said during her time there as a volunteer, she has been impressed with the facility. She recommended approval of the renewal.

Ward 2 councilmember Josh Leete said he was unaware the city had such a facility. As someone with PTSD, Leete said he was appreciative of the center’s work. “This is new to me and an inspiration to someone with PTSD.”

Helsel said the fact that no one knows about the center is a testament of them being a “quiet member of our community.”

Vice Mayor Jess Schweinberg commented he would like to see the city come up with a way to not have to renew the center’s treatment every two years and instead look at spacing it out more.

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