COLUMN: Clock is ticking to Presidential election day

Victoria Middleton

Editor Victoria Middleton

It’s a scary time to be an American citizen eligible to vote in the upcoming presidential vote on Nov. 8.

Tuesday’s Positive Posse crowd dove into the subject and the comments from around the room about the Presidential candidates sounded more like talk about over-the-top reality TV stars.

Sadly, that’s what it has come to in this election.

Some of the recent rage has been about a fly landing on Hillary Clinton’s nose in the last debate to Donald Trump’s comments on the Access Hollywood bus. It goes on with Clinton’s email scandal and her anti-Trump TV ads, and Trump complaining that he can’t get a fair shake in the liberal media he believes are out to crucify him.

Some of you may be telling yourself this will all be over in about 20 days.

But will it?

Local insurance agent Mark Burton told the Positive Posse, which meets every at 8 a.m. every Tuesday in Town Center, that the scariness of the situation extends far past the next four or eight years of our next president. He said the impact is actually greater – 30 years or more – because the next President will have the task of naming our next U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

Now, the next President won’t be completely alone in the appointment and confirmation of Supreme Court Justices because there are several necessary steps.

Candidates are nominated by the President and face a series of hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Then the nominee must be confirmed by the full Senate. Then the President can formally appoint the candidate to the Supreme Court.

Trump’s campaign website has a list of 21 people he says he will consider appointing if he is elected President next month. No such list exists on Clinton’s website but she has revealed a much shorter list of individuals she would consider for appointments.

There is really no sound advice one can give to someone undecided how to vote for our next President. But if either Clinton or Trump do not meet your fancy, there is another option with Libertarian Gary Johnson, former New Mexico governor.

The Johnson-Weld campaign website says a winning vote for the Libertarians in one key state could prevent Hillary and Trump from getting 270 electoral votes. Then if they received 5 percent of the national vote, this would help end two-party control of elections.

Third party candidates rob Democrats and Republicans of votes, or put more simply, give voters more than just two choices. But this election, due to the instability of our two main party candidates, the “other” candidates are poised to make out like bandits with their highest vote counts in our nation’s history.

One thing is for sure, the 2016 Presidential Election will be one to go down in our nation’s history books, or one that may conveniently be left out by the printer to save us all from embarrassment.

Only 20 more days remain and we will have our answer.

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