A look back in time: Yukon was first OKC-area team to challenge Jenks’ dominance

In honor of Yukon-Jenks week, we take a look back to when the two teams met for a state title in 1997

Since the formation of the 6A class in Oklahoma High School sports, two teams have won the football state championship in the state’s highest level of competition.

Jenks and Union have dominated the gridiron in Oklahoma, as they are the only two schools in 6A to have won the football state championship since 1996, when Jenks defeated Midwest City 27-17.

Since then the Trojans have won 13 6A state titles, while Union has added seven of their own. After Jenks took it from Midwest City in 1996, the first west-side school to challenge the Trojans in the state championship game was not Norman, was not a Putnam City school, was not an Edmond School and certainly was not Mustang. It was Yukon.

The 1997 football season for the Millers was the definition of a roller-coaster ride, as Yukon went 5-5 during the regular season but hit their stride in the playoffs to advance to the state title game, where they met the mighty Trojans.

In honor of Jenks and Yukon meeting on the gridiron once again at 7 p.m. Friday at Miller Stadium on Senior Night for YHS, we take a look back at that 1997 state championship game and the season leading to the match up.

The game itself did not go very well for Yukon. Jenks put a beating on the Millers 56-8 in front of thousands of people at Lewis Field in Stillwater on the campus of Oklahoma State University.

The 1997 Jenks squad was led by Rocky Calmus, who would eventually go on to play for the University of Oklahoma and help lead the Sooners to the 2000 national championship. Calmus played middle linebacker and running back for the Trojans during his high school years. The 6-foot-4 220-pound freak of nature was nightmare not only for Yukon, but everyone who had the unfortunate pleasure of going up against Jenks that year.

Calmus ran for 223 yards and scored five touchdowns in the championship game.

The Jenks defense, which was nick-named the Legion of Doom that year, made life miserable for Yukon but the Millers were able to gain more than 100 yards of total offense, which was more than most of Jenks’ opponents that year. Out of Jenks’ 11 starters on the defensive-side of the ball, nine of them went on to play Division I college football, which is a staggering number considering on average just one out of every 17 high school football players go on to play at any college level.

YHS finished the night with 108-yards total offensively. The Trojans totaled 571 yards in the game.

The head coach of Jenks was Alan Trimble and for Yukon it was Bill Dalke.

The fact that Yukon made it to the state title game that year was an amazing feat. The Millers opened up the regular season with a win over rival Mustang 17-14, they then fell to Putnam City North 14-6, defeated Putnam City West 28-6, shut out Lawton Ike 13-0, dropped one to Moore 14-7, upset Midwest City 16-14, got handled by Norman 43-14, took it to Edmond Memorial 28-7, got upset by Choctaw 20-10 and dropped a heartbreaker to Putnam City 14-13.

The Millers snuck into the playoffs and would have to win on the road every game if they wanted to advance.

Yukon first traveled across town to Del City, where they pulled off the upset 13-6 to advance to the quarterfinal round. The Millers went up against Norman, a team they hadn’t beaten in numerous years, but Yukon ended the drought and upset the Tigers 17-14.

In the state semifinal game, YHS traveled to Stillwater to take on Sand Springs on Lewis Field at OSU. The Millers pulled off another stunner and defeated Sand Springs 10-7 to move on to the state title game.

Since that championship game in 1997, Jenks has won 11 more state titles and Yukon has failed to get back to the big game.

The outcome may not have been the dream ending to a magical playoff run that everyone had hoped for in 1997, but it definitely was a season for the ages for Yukon football.


  1. Brad Johnson on October 20, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    Nice article but there is one correction that should be pointed out. 1992 was the first year of 6A in Oklahoma. Norman won the championship that year. ’93 – Jenks, ’94 and ’95 – MWC, then the Jenks/Union domination began in ’96.

  2. Brad Downing on October 25, 2019 at 10:44 pm

    I’m just now reading this a few years later and Yukon did not have to play all their games on the road in the playoffs. The game against Norman was at home and Yukon won 28-21. I know because I was on the Yukon team that year. Not sure where you got your info from but it is incorrect.

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