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Citizens Police Academy making a comeback

Alumni Association looking for 10-week Academy participants

A training course that in years past made many Yukon citizens an arm of the police department is being reconstituted.

Plans are underway to revive the Yukon Citizen’s Police Academy that provides civilians a new understanding of how police work is done and also gives them the tools necessary to assist police in a variety of ways.

The Citizens Police Academy involves 10 weeks of training, one day per week, on police procedures and protocols that can aid officers in emergencies or whenever needed. They will also spend one full Saturday on more extensive training.

Academy members will familiarized with firearms and gun safety, go on “ride-alongs” with officers on patrol, and learn many of the inner workings of Yukon’s police department.

Upon graduation, Citizens Police Academy cadets have the option of joining the academy’s alumni association where they can assist police on a regular basis.

The Yukon Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association helps out with events such as the July 4th Freedom Fest celebration, the annual Oklahoma Czech Festival and other events and activities.

“They’re the extra eyes and ears out there when we’re doing special events,” said Yukon police Sgt. Tim Peters, who will be coordinator of the policy academy. He said those who participate in the academy gain acknowledge about police and their daily activities.

“It gives citizens a more in-depth understanding about what police officers go through,” Peters said. Everybody gets a different opinion once they go through the academy and learn what all the police do.”

Peters said it has been a “rewarding experience” getting to know members of the alumni and there are a lot of “great things we’ve got coming in the future.”

“They’re a very important group not only for the police department but for the city as well, the veteran YPD police officer said.

Plans currently call for the next Citizens’ Policy Academy class to begin in February. Available slots will be limited to the first 20 – 30 who register and they are going fast. Class sizes will be kept to a minimum to allow for more individualized training.

“It’s a really good program,” Peters summed up. I’m happy to be the coordinator because I’m learning a lot from these guys (alumni association). We’ve got a big adventure ahead of us that’s going to be positive. It’s going to be a plus for the city, a plus for the police department and good for the community.”

The academy is filling up quick and it’s going to a thing where we eventually run two a year.”

Those wishing to enroll in the Yukon Citizen’s Police Academy can contact Cam Dooley at 816-9657.

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