Rotary looks to buy new hard body police armor

The Yukon Rotary Club has taken up the challenge of raising enough funds to outfit every sworn Yukon police officer with the life saving protection of hard body armor.
Police currently wear “soft” armor that will not repel rifle fire from high-velocity ammunition used by weapsons such as the AR-15 and other assault-style rifles that have been used in several mass shootings throughout the nation.
Michael Blackmore, president and CEO of Armor Advantage Co. in Purcell, has strong Yukon ties and has taken on the mission to provide every first responder in the U.S. with the vests needed to “protect those who protect us.” Blackmore has pledged to provide the vests, normally priced around $500 each, to police officers for $165.
“This is an opportunity we cannot pass up,” said Leon Corn, chairperson for the Rotary project. “Our local police department needs 46 hard body armor vests and, at $165 each, we would need to raise $7,590.”
The Rotary Club has pledged $2,000 and will seek donations from the community to fund the other $5,600.
“Hopefully we can accomplish our goal within the next two weeks so that the Yukon Police Department can be moved to the top of the list for this life-saving equipment,” Corn said.
During Friday’s Yukon Chamber of Commerce Community Coffee at Yukon Sharing Ministries, 4 N 6th St., donation forms were circulated for members of the community who wish to donate. Leon Corn’s wife, Betty, said the Rotary Club received pledges totaling $1,500 during the Community Coffee and said, “we are looking for people who might be willing to donate $20 to $25.”
Donations can be sent payable to Yukon Rotary Club, % Kyle Ruzicka, P.O. Box 850405, Yukon, OK 73085. They can also be made to any Yukon Rotary Club member.

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