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Pets & People works to provide homes for animals

Pets & People Humane Society staff and volunteers are working to find “responsible, permanent” homes for the animals.

Controversy surrounded Pets & People due to it being overcrowded and having “inhumane conditions for those animals,” City Manager Jim Crosby said during his report on Pets & People during City Council’s Work Session on Aug. 16. Yukon Animal Control Shelter and Pets & People share a building at 701 Inla St.

Spring and summer bring influxes of strays, a press release reads. The society was at capacity as of Aug. 1, but found homes for 130 dogs and cats that month. Pets & People isn’t rescuing any pets from the Yukon Shelter. Pets & People is not rescuing pets from the Yukon Animal Shelter at this time.

“While it’s not possible to rescue every unclaimed pet that comes in on the Yukon city side of the shelter, Pets & People has made every effort to save all that we can by taking them into the humane society program for adoption,” said Edy Bauer, Pets & People volunteer and board member, in a press release.

They also started a new adoption outreach program, which includes discounts on senior dogs and “those that have been overlooked for adoption,” a press release reads.

Pets & People’s standard adoptions fees are $20 for all dogs and $80 for cats. They offer weekly discount rates for “Senior Sunday” and “Long-Term Tuesday.” The adoption rates include medical services, including vet exams, spay or neutering, medical testing, treatment and appropriate shots.

The society is reviewing their adoption policies because some people think they’re too strict, according to the press release.

“No one has accused Pets & People of lacking commitment to finding responsible homes for abandoned dogs and cats left at the city shelter,” Bauer said. “They know we care, but say we’re too full.”

 They’re also “actively recruiting” foster homes and partnering with out-of-state rescues the animals could be relocated to.

City Manager Jim Crosby reported on the state of the shelter during Tuesday’s Work Session before the City Council meeting, and several representatives of Pets & People were there to answer any questions.

“It’s fair to say we could cut down on the number of animals, but I think in all honesty, as our town grows, we’re just going to see an increase in animals,” Crosby said.

Crosby said the plan is still to build an adjacent building so they’re able to tear down the current building to rebuild it on the same slabs.

“To really do it right we’re going to have to expand and get some additional land,” Crosby said. “This is something we’re going to look around the area and see what ownerships are and if anyone would be willing to work with us in regards to that for a decent price.”

“We’re kind of limited in that area because we do have a major sewer system in that area.”

Crosby said it also has been recommended to build the building out of concrete so it can withstand all the problems experienced with the current building.

“The only problem if we go with that is that it’ll increase the cost to some degree,” he said. “But it would be something of best interest of the city to do.”

“We’ll have to discuss what we need and what the load limit of the facility will be, and what will happen when we have the new facility.”

Crosby said him and some other city officials will be meeting with Pets & People again shortly to discuss all of the options before bringing it to City Council for approval.

Pets & People have two fundraisers coming up. One is “Pawsitively Pampered,” a dog wash and craft show, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 11 in the Yukon National Bank parking lot, 1550 Garth Brooks Blvd. The other is the society’s annual silent auction and dinner, “There’s No Place Like Home,” at 7 p.m. Nov. 5. The auction and dinner moved back to Yukon from an Oklahoma City location and is being hosted at the Event Center at 10 West Main.

“The events will help fund medical expenses for spaying and neutering of all rescued dogs and cats to help end the cycle of unwanted pets,” the press release reads.

For more information on Pets & People, contact them at 350-7387, or visit their website or their Facebook page

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