Football preview: Q&A with Yukon senior Trevor Smith

Offensive feature Q&A session with Yukon senior and starting quarterback Trevor Smith and Yukon Review sports editor Kyle Salomon

Kyle Salomon: How has practice and the scrimmages gone thus far?

Trevor Smith: Practice is going really well. We have a lot of intensity. Guys are really getting their keys down. I mean, the physicality from last year to this year has been so much better. Even when we weren’t practicing with pads, we were more physical than we were the whole year last season.

KS: What can you take from last season’s experience?

TS: Going 2-8 gave us motivation in the offseason. It pushed me and everyone else to work harder and made everyone take a bigger role in the offseason with how we did things.

KS: Talk about the strengths of this offense and some things you need to improve on before game one.

TS: Our running game is our strength right now. Our blocking is really good right now and our running backs are playing really well right now. We need to improve on everything. We just need to keep working hard and get better every time we take the field.

KS: What do you want to see the identity of this offense be this year?

TS: We want to be a balanced offense. Right now, the running game is ahead of the passing game, but we want to be a well-balanced offense.

KS: What will make this year a success?

TS: I would say making the playoffs would make this season a success. If we make it, then who knows what could happen. We just need to get there.

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