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Football preview: Q&A with senior Madison Wrather

Lineman feature Q&A with senior and starting left tackle Madison Wrather and Yukon Review sports editor Kyle Salomon

Kyle Salomon: How is practice going so far this preseason?

Madison Wrather: We’ve been practicing really hard lately. We’ve been doing a lot of inside run and getting really physical up front this year. We are a lot more physical this year than we were last season.

KS: What can you learn from last season’s experience and take into this year?

MW: Losing sucks. We don’t plan on going through that again.

KS: Talk about taking pride as an offensive lineman in seeing the offense having success and putting up big numbers.

MW: The offensive line takes a lot of pride in the success of an offense. Any time the running back gains more than 200 yards, we take a lot of pride in that. If we do our job and give Trevor the proper time to make plays, he’s going to light it up.

KS: What do you want the identity of the offensive line to be this year?

MW: I want us to be maulers. I want us to run over everyone and not allow any sacks.

KS: What will make this season a success?

MW: If we win the state championship.

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