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Football preview: Q&A with senior Daunte McGee

Defensive feature Q&A with senior and starting outside linebacker Daunte McGee and Yukon Review sports editor Kyle Salomon

Kyle Salomon: How has practice been going so far this preseason?

Daunte McGee: I feel like practice has been going pretty good. We have been playing at a high pace so far. The intensity and the aggression is really there and its really starting to show in practice.

KS: What can you learn from last season’s experience?

DM: We learned how to have the right demeanor. You have to bring it every game on every play. Teams we play are too good and have really good players, so if you don’t bring it every play, you will get beat.

KS: What are the strengths of your defense and what are some areas that need improvement?

DM: We need to work on staying home and make sure our fundamentals are what they need to be for us to be successful. I would say our aggression is our biggest strength at this point.

KS: What do you want the identity of this defense to be?

DM: I want our identity to be toughness. I want us to be a bunch of guys who aren’t afraid to get into people and be physical.

KS: What will make this season a success?

DM: If we stay consistent on both sides of the ball.

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