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Monogramming icon to retire

Four decades of monogramming excellence

The monogramming “queen” of Yukon is calling it quits after 41 years of satisfying her customers demand for personalized items from letter jackets to ball caps.

Susan Roesch, of familythreadz-CAS at 200 S Ranchwood, started her monogramming career at a small company in Milford, Ohio. When her husband, Hank was transferred to Oklahoma in 1985, she started working for Cindy Ann Schweinburg of CAS Monogramming.

Schweinberg sold the company to Susan and Hank 10 years later and four decades later she says it’s time to “hang the scissors up.”

The payoffs of the job are enormous, Susan says. “It’s such a creative job and we’ve met so many people. They come in and pick up their garment and say ‘this is just what I wanted.’”

Like all forms of technology, the monogramming trade has evolved since her days in Ohio and Susan now utilizes state-of-the-art machinery to satisfy her customers’ needs.

The job also requires imagination when customers may not know exactly what they want.

“They want to design something so you have to use creative thinking to do it for them,” the veteran monogramming whiz says. “We have customers who come maybe a couple of times a year because they have a special project and they know we’ll deliver it whenever they want.

“Lots of people come at Christmas because they want to give someone a special present, Susan added. “They’ll have an idea so what you have to do is take that idea and create it where it can go onto the shirt. You’ve got to figure it out.”

A lot of hard work has gone into her work but the friends she’s made over the years have made it worthwhile. 

“There’s been a lot of hours, a lot of late nights. But the amount of people we’ve met is just unreal,” she says.

Susan plans to be a substitute teacher for Yukon Public Schools whenever they need someone who’s not certified to stay in the classrooms when a teacher is absent and has other plans as well.

She loves the sport of fencing, which she was introduced to it by her grandson when he started in the sport.

“I love it,” she says. “It’s good exercise, it keeps you limber and I enjoy it.”

And she will still not be completely removed from the trade she’s practiced so long.

“I have lots to keep me busy but I’ll still be affiliated with the company for training and will go in once a week to help train the employees and help them with production,” she says of her “home away from home” at familythreadz-CAS.

Susan has a lot to reflect on over the years she has spent in the monogramming business and says it’s been well worthwhile.

“I’ve met so many people through the business; all the schools and all the principals and so many business people. I’ve enjoyed it. It was a learning experience for my husband and I and we learned a lot. We worked really hard but we’re glad we did it.”

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