Moving forward: Spanish Cove proceeds with new phase

Spanish Cove Retirement Village is moving forward with phase one of their newest project since City Council approved a debt authorization Aug. 2 to do so.

Spanish Cove is a life plan community, meaning they give residency to older, independent and healthy senior citizens, but are also there as health care providers that help them as their health decreases. The new project will improve their ability to provide care for the residents, Spanish Cove CEO Don Blose said.

Spanish Cove Resident Betty Ratliff visits with CEO Don Blose after lunch. Blose said the residents of Spanish Cove, and senior citizens in general, add value to Yukon's community.

Spanish Cove Resident Betty Ratliff visits with CEO Don Blose after lunch. Blose said the residents of Spanish Cove, and senior citizens in general, add value to Yukon’s community.

Our main goal is to help people be happy and healthy.

“They plan to be here the rest of their life and get excellent care,” Blose added.

Spanish Cove is a municipal public trust, which means by state law the city must approve any project or loan for the retirement village. Spanish Cove originally requested the debt authorization about nine months ago, Blose said, but they had it as one big project and it since has been split into two.

“The details will be forthcoming,” Blose said. “We have the authorization from the city to move forward, and we needed that.”

City Council unanimously approved Spanish Cove’s request at the meeting on Aug. 2.

“Spanish Cove is an excellent community with an outstanding reputation,” said Donna Yanda, council member for Ward 3, during the meeting. “After much delay, I think it’s imperative this project moves forward so we can serve the residents that live there now and for the future of Spanish Cove.”

Phase one of Spanish Cove’s two-phase plan includes expanding the health center at the Pavilion to add 23 skilled nurses, add nine assisted living spaces, and establish 14 memory care units. Units are the bedrooms.

“We’re excited about what is to come,” Blose said. “We’re very thankful city council could see the value in this, for the residents and the community. It’s an absolute blessing to bring in older people to the community. It adds quality to the city and that’s the absolute truth.”

Blose added that the aging demographics in the U.S. will be going through a “huge transition,” and the amount of senior citizens will double in 10 to 15 years.

Spanish Cove is just in the early design process. They had to wait for the city to approve them getting loan before they could move forward, but now that it’s approved they are going to bring in an architect to look at different design possibilities. They are also looking at the business side to make sure they’re investing wisely and the expansion will be able to pay for itself over time, Blose said.

Blose said he plans to begin design planning in September and continue planning for at least six or seven month. After that they will apply for the appropriate permits and other requirements. Between the planning and getting the permits, Blose said he expects that to take about a year.

Construction on the first phase is expected to begin in September or October 2017, and is expected to cost $17 million. Phase two will come after. Blose didn’t have details yet on what phase two will include.

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  1. Amanda on September 1, 2016 at 10:22 am

    Does this phase 1 expansion include a purchase of La Tienda Plaza at 120 E Vandament?

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