OnCue builds doggie playground in Yukon

Yukon dog owners have a new “playground” for their canine companions custom built to help satisfy their pet’s recreational needs.

The recently opened OnCue store at NW 10th and Czech Hall Road has a dog park installed on land just south of its location and is marked by two giant pooches. The fenced in area of the park is custom designed for canine pets and plans call for it to be even more dog-friendly as time goes by.

The idea originated when an OnCue in Billings, OK decided to put in a dog park adjacent to their location where a daycare had originally been planned. The piece of land where the local OnCue was built has extra land to the south of it, which made an ideal location for the company’s second facility.

OnCue takes an interest in the communities where they open stores, said Rick Colbert, manager of the local OnCue.

“They’re not just interested in business, they’re interested in the communities and they decided to take that extra land (in Billings) and make a dog park out of it,” Colbert said. “They’ve never done anything like that before so we’re kind of learning as we go. They opened that one up and it was very successful.”

The park for dogs is evolving as time goes by, constantly being upgraded when needs or new ideas spring forth. 

“We’re trying to work on it as we go,” Colbert said of the new pooch park, which has been re-sodded twice to improve the ground surface. A leaking watering trough was redesigned and rocks put in around it so that the area doesn’t turn into mud.

The two giant dogs were placed near the canine recreation area about three weeks ago and serve as a high profile landmark, indicating the location of the new dog park that is becoming more popular as resident dog-owners learn of its whereabouts. 

“Even when it’s extremely hot there’s people out here in the evenings,” Colbert said. “When we put the big dogs up there, that night there were about 15 people taking pictures of it with small kids or their dogs.”

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