Warm welcome: Chamber Commerce welcomes new teachers to Yukon

Chamber of Commerce members and Yukon Public Schools officials welcomed 81 new teachers Thursday at the New Teacher’s Luncheon.

The 81 teachers are new hires in August and don’t include numbers since January.

Chamber President Judy Austin hosted the luncheon and Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth welcomed the new teachers.

“Give us a chance to show you what Yukon is and what we’re all about,” Austin said. “We’re so glad you’re here. We just want you to know that as the Chamber, and if you have a need, please let us know. We would love to be a part of you, a part of the schools and get to know you more.”

After lunch, each of the 11 schools’ principals came up to introduce their new teachers while the teachers were presented with gift bags.

– Myers, Parkland and Ranchwood Elementary welcome one new teacher each,

– Central, Independence and Surrey Hills Elementary each welcomed four teachers,

– Shedeck and Skyview Elementary both welcomed six teachers,

– Lakeview Elementary welcomed seven new teachers,

-Yukon Middle School welcomed 22 new teachers, and

-Yukon High School welcomed 24 new teachers.

Regan Goggin is one of the 24 new teachers at the high school and is teaching U.S. History.

Goggin student taught at the high school last year and said she’s excited to be teaching her dream subject at a school she already knows.

“I’m really excited to be able to do that with people I already know and administration that I already know and think are awesome. Yukon is just awesome,” Goggin said. “I think I just lucked into a really good job.”

Jasmine Davis is also a new teacher at the high school. She is teaching Spanish II and said she’s excited to bring in some of that culture.

“I lived in both Spain and Mexico, and I’m Mexican as well, so I’m just excited to bring in the things I know about it and the things that I learned and share it with kids who may not know anything about it,” Davis said.

Simeroth said he’s just excited for the new teachers to be a part of the community.

“A community that not only treasures them, but treasures education, and it’s going be unlike anything they’ve ever experience. Whether they’re just out of college or from another district, it’s a unique opportunity and it’s a unique atmosphere to other schools in the state,” Simeroth said. “Also just the direction that our district is going with some of our technology and some of our curriculum. I’m excited for them to be on the genesis of that as we move forward with trying to get to a one to one with some of our kids and start a critical thinking application and real-life education, as opposed to 10 or 20 years ago where it was like ‘hey, memorize that and feed it back to us.’

“Our veteran teachers have really taken to doing that and they’re going to welcome these new teachers and just take off and run with it.”

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