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Yukon Police Department appreciates support from community

By Kyle Salomon,

Managing Editor

As we look across the nation, we see story after story of the disconnect between communities and their specific police forces. However, in the great city of Yukon, the opposite is taking place between the two parties.

“We have felt just an overwhelming amount of support from our community,” Yukon Police Captain Chris Cunningham said. “People have sent and brought us notes, brought us food and come by to show their appreciation for what we do on a daily basis. We, as the police force, just want to say thank you to the community for giving us that support.”

Despite what is going on across the country with numerous tragedies in relationship with police and the people they serve, Yukon is the one city that goes against the grain.

Cunningham said this city is a special place for more than one reason.

“This place is second-to-none,” Cunningham said. “It is by far the best place to work in the metro. I can promise you other cities in the Oklahoma City metro do not have the same kind of support between their police force and the community. Our police officers are very apart of this community. We don’t leave work and drive to another city to go home. Our homes and our families are here in Yukon and that’s the way it should be.”

Cunningham cited the approval of the Public Safety Sales Tax as one of the reasons Yukon has become and destination city and not a stepping-stone city for police officers.

“We went door-to-door 12 years ago pushing that proposal to go through and it did,” Cunningham said. “It allowed the police force here to become more stable with officers staying in Yukon and made Yukon a safer place.”

Cunningham has been on the Yukon Police force for 13 years and he has been a police officer in the Oklahoma City metro area for 17 years. He said the support from the community and the city administration has never been so strong.

“Our City Council and City Manager support everything we do,” Cunningham said. “They believe in what we do and we believe in what they do. That’s how we make Yukon great. Of course, we have problems just like any other city, but we choose to solve those problems through cooperation with one another not fighting.”

Cunningham said the Yukon Police Department loves to give back to the community through the FOP program, which allows them to do Shop with A Cop and to help different events stay safe for families and help with the clean-up of all the events. He said the response from the community is amazing to see.

“It really is unprecedented,” Cunningham said. “It makes us as police officers love coming to work every day. It’s very sad looking across the country right now and seeing all of the problems civilians and police officers are having but it has showed us here that in Yukon, it is the opposite and we just want to say thank you.”

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