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Love at first sight: Ashlyn Williams found a special connection with the sport she loves

By Kyle Salomon,

Sports Editor

When she was a young child, Ashlyn Williams was shy and introverted, but at eight-years-old, she found the sport that helped bring her out of her shell and allowed her to become the person she is today.

The Yukon High School junior began playing soccer when she was the ripe young age of eight after three-straight years of going to sign up and backing out at the last minute. Finally, her mother, Heather Williams forced her to sign up, and it turned out to be one of the best things to ever happen to Ashlyn.

“It was love at first sight,” Ashlyn said. “I felt comfortable and it felt natural right away. It was an amazing feeling to get out there and play.”

Ashlyn Williams

Ashlyn began playing at the Yukon wreck fields and her first coach was George Smith. Smith had coached youth soccer for a long time and he told Ashlyn and her parents they had something special on their hands with their daughter.

“He said I was a natural and he could tell I had a lot of talent,” Ashlyn said. “I just loved playing and loved being out there.”

Ashlyn then took her new found talent to the Canadian Valley Football Club for a number of years before last year in 2015 switching to the best soccer club in the state, Oklahoma Football Club, based out of Edmond.

Ashlyn immediately started turning heads at OFC and she was put on the OFC 2000 top-level team as a defensive midfielder and outside back.

On the Yukon High School team, Ashlyn is an attacking midfielder. She has quickly turned into one of the top girls soccer players in the entire state, as she lettered as freshman and sophomore for the Yukon varsity girls soccer team, while leading the team in goals and assists as a sophomore this past spring.

One of her biggest supporters throughout her entire life has been her mother. Heather is Ashlyn’s biggest fan but her toughest critic as well.

“She is one of the most mentally and physically toughest girls I’ve ever seen,” Heather said. “Soccer is one of the main reasons she’s the person she is today. I see the talent and ability she has. It’s not just a mom being a mom, she has a gift and we are so proud of her and what she is accomplishing through that gift.”

As a sophomore, Ashlyn was named to the Coaches’ All-District Team, All-City Team, All-Vype Magazine Team, All-Putnam City Tournament Team and won the Yukon Player with Passion Award at the postseason banquet this past spring.

Ashlyn was also named a team captain for the upcoming year, which as a junior, is rare. She said her goals for the remaining years of her high school career are simple.

“I want be a good leader and help our team have better chemistry on the field,” Ashlyn said. “I want to set up more team-bonding activities that are outside of soccer and I want to make it to a state championship game. We made it to the playoffs last season, but I want to go further in the state tournament and personally, I would like to make All-State as a senior.”

Ashlyn doesn’t want her soccer career to come to an end after high school, as she plans on playing soccer at the collegiate level. The YHS junior is drawing serious interests from numerous schools, but she said she would like to stay relatively close to home and her family.

She also said she has big plans for life after soccer as well.

“I know would like to work in the medical field,” Ashlyn said. “I took a medical class last year and really liked it and found it very interesting, so I would love to do something in that area once I’m done playing soccer.”

When she’s not scoring goals for Yukon and playing defense for her OFC 2000 club team, Ashlyn is a big part of her youth group at Trinity Baptist Church here in Yukon and she has another hobby she enjoys in her free time.

“I like to draw a lot,” Ashlyn said. “I see a picture and I immediately want to draw it. I love drawing when I get the chance.”

On top of being a top-tier athlete, involved in her youth group and drawing when she has the chance, Ashlyn is a first-class student. She is a member of the National Honors Society.

Ashlyn is a well-rounded high school junior who has one of the brightest futures of any student at Yukon High School and there’s no doubt that finding the sport she loves has a lot to do with that.


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