Letter to the Editor: American Legion Post takes top honor

I am going to take this opportunity to brag a little. This past weekend, the American Legion Department of Oklahoma hosted its annual convention. I have said several times that we have an excellent Post. This year that was recognized at the Department Convention in several ways. The Mustang Post leadership and involvement was acknowledged with the election of our Post Sergeant at Arms, John Traffanstendt to the position of the Department Sergeant at Arms, and our Post Adjutant, Don Kuntze elected to be the Department Commander. Of the five main categories for evaluating Post performance, the Mustang Post was recognized in the top three Posts in the state of Oklahoma in four of the five categories. I am also quite proud to say the Mustang Post was selected as the “Post of the Year” for the American Legion Department of Oklahoma.

Additionally, and not because of Post involvement but due purely to their own merit, Mustang police officer, Corporal Dylan Wilson was named “Police Officer of the Year” by the Department of Oklahoma. And if that wasn’t enough, Mustang resident and freelance reporter Traci Chapman received the “Printed Media of the Year Award.”

In addition to all of that the Girls State representative from Mustang High School, Ms. Emily Hernandez who was sponsored by our Auxiliary Unit was elected the Governor of Girls State this year.

I am blessed.

Paul A. Ray
American Legion Post 353 Commander

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