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Personal Column: Everyone matters

I’m a product of rural Oklahoma, having attended school in eastern Oklahoma and college in the southeastern part of the state. I’m proud of my roots because they have made me who I am today but the older I get and still living in the Sooner State, I’m sometimes embarrassed to call myself an Okie.

From education funding to not being able to deal appropriately with an NBA superstar leaving us, I mean come on Oklahomans, is this how it’s gonna be?

Victoria Middleton is the editor of the Mustang News.

Victoria Middleton is editor of the Mustang News.

My older sister lives in Texas and she has made several comments to me about Oklahoma’s school funding, saying Texas doesn’t have that problem. But she does pay much higher property taxes than I do, I quickly noted back to her.

I realize the Thunder situation is not on the same level as education whatsoever, but both made national headlines and reflect on our state. People are burning jerseys and posting vile things on social media while Oklahoma public schools are making cuts left and right.

In Newcastle, the school board announced some changes last week for the upcoming school year. If you don’t already know, Newcastle is the school district that has already gone to a four-day school week. Now they are asking parents with athletes to pay to play. As you can imagine, people are losing their minds over this.

Here in Mustang, our school leaders haven’t turned to drastic measures to keep doors open. That is mostly in part due to the community’s support and the passage of a bond issue last year. It’s also because of administrators that stay on top of things and their forward thinking. Kudos to our Superintendent Sean McDaniel, CFO Nancy McKay and everyone else involved.

The Mustang school district is fortunate to have community support and continued growth that is making the state’s budget crisis a little less challenging for our students, teachers and administrators.

So people just need to get over KD leaving us but when it comes to education, we should all continue to be concerned and be a part of the process to find a solution because it involves the future of our state: our children and grandchildren.
The Dallas, Texas police shootings were devastating to say the least, with the deaths of officers Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael J. Smith, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarripa, and Alton B. Sterling in Baton Rouge, La., Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, and Micah Johnson, the reported sniper shooter in Dallas, Texas.

These acts of violence do no one any good, and the people left behind have been robbed of their loved ones.

I have seen many suggestions on what is needed in our country, to turn things around. God, love, compassion, respect. All of these are great ideas and if each one of us focused on just one, the world would be a better place.

I find the Pokémon GO phenomenon that has taken the country by storm quite hysterical and fascinating at the same time. I have not and probably won’t be indulging myself in the game as I am not a gamer but I am glad to see so many people playing.

Because of recent events, I would say it’s been a good distraction and it has brought people together in new ways.

The release of the game was just two days before the Dallas, Texas shooting and it especially took off in popularity during the weekend. I am sure the release date was set far in advance, but I’m glad Nintendo did it when they did.

Our country needed this fun distraction from all of the mess in the world.

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