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‘I talk to dead people’


Jacqueline Harrington is a medium who calls herself the “Oklahoma Angel Messenger.”

Normal 20-year-old woman shares gift as messenger

People always feel like they’re different than everyone else, or they don’t fit in, but imagine people asking what you do for a living and your answer is “I talk to dead people.”

Jacqueline Harrington is a normal 20-year-old student, daughter, fiancée and mother. She grew up in Mustang, lives in Yukon, and is going to Canadian Valley Technology Center to become a nurse. She enjoys time with her family, occasional trips to the casino, and painting, but Harrington also has a special ability. She is a medium who calls herself the “Oklahoma Angel Messenger.”

Harrington officially called herself a medium in August 2015, but she said she always knew she could talk to spirits.

“My grandfather passed away when I was 12 and he would just come talk to me as clear as day,” she said. “It would just scare me because growing up Catholic, I knew that was unacceptable. I would always talk about how my grandpa talks to me and it would embarrass my mom in front of her friends and she would say ‘oh gosh, don’t tell people that.’

“Anytime my friends had a death in their family, I’d instantly know when that family member was around and I would tell my friends and you know it would creep them out.”

Harrington said her ability caused a lot of self-acceptance issues and she tried to deny it, which caused her to be depressed.

“I always had a hard time fitting in because I knew I was different,” she said.

Harrington said she sees what everyone else sees, but she’s also been able to see energy since as far back as she can remember. She described seeing energy as seeing thousands of colorful, translucent “jelly beans” moving around.

“Growing up I thought everyone saw the colors,” she said. “You know, as a little kid, I just didn’t understand.”

Harrington said she can’t physically see a spirit, but she can generally tell where they’re at by the energy because the “jelly beans” get more noticeable in an area where a spirit is.

When a spirit is present, Harrington gets distracted because the energy is coming through and the spirit is trying to connect with her. Harrington said her gift can be especially distracting when she’s in class or with her daughter. She said she usually tries to not pay attention to the spirit, but some spirits are more persistent than others.

Sometimes if she tries to ignore a spirit, they’ll invade her sleep and connect with her in her dreams.

Harrington said there are times when she wishes she wasn’t a medium because it can be invasive. Spirits will try to reach her while she’s showering or studying, or just at inconvenient times.

“There’s really no off switch,” Harrington said. “You’re able to control it to a certain extent but whenever you have a very desperate spirit, they’re not going to leave you alone until you relay their message.”

Photo/Courtesy Harrington is a normal 20-year-old student, daughter, fiancée and mother. She grew up in Mustang, lives in Yukon, and is going to Canadian Valley Technology Center to become a nurse.

Harrington is a normal 20-year-old student, daughter, fiancée and mother. She grew up in Mustang, lives in Yukon, and is going to Canadian Valley Technology Center to become a nurse.

Harrington said being a medium has changed her view on God.

“It hasn’t changed whether or not I believe in God, it’s changed my understanding of who God is and who his angels are,” she said. “I understand it differently than how normal people perceive it.”

Through talking to the spirits, Harrington said she’s realized God doesn’t judge spirits. After spirits cross over into the afterlife, they have freewill to decide whether they will reside in Heaven, Hell, or in between, Harrington said she now believes.

“They have a choice in the afterlife to accept God’s love or to reject it,” she said. “Some are in the highest form of light rejoicing with God and with Jesus, some would rather be here closer to Earth and to their family so they can wait for their family before venturing off to Heaven’s gates, and some choose to be elsewhere.”

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to mediums or spirits. One misconception is fear. Harrington described how if someone is home alone and feels as though someone else is there or someone is watching them, they get a jolt of fear, but it’s only because they don’t understand that it’s usually just their relatives looking after them, she said.

“I really hope to change people’s fear because it’s not a scary. It’s not like you see in scary movies. It’s not demonic and it’s not evil,” she said.

Another misconception is that mediums are bad and are sinful, Harrington said.

“People are just so close minded they don’t want to accept,” she said. “They just want to deny it, and they feel guilty after going to a medium.”

Harrington said it makes it difficult for her to get reviews on her page because people are ashamed they went.

Some other misconceptions include people thinking a medium has to talk to dead people all the time and that they get specifics from spirits, which isn’t true, Harrington said. She said she lives a normal life and only gets what the spirits give her.

People don’t always see the beauty in her gift, she said.

“To me the most beautiful thing is that whenever we lose a loved one, we never really get that closure,” she said. “Nobody can really help take the pain away from that loss, but a medium can help you have that last communication and give you an opportunity to say goodbye. All the fear goes away in the moment when you’re talking to someone who has my gift. It’s love, it’s pure, it’s raw, it’s indescribable really.

“It’s satisfying. It’s satisfying to know you can help someone in a way nobody else can help them.”

Harrington does online, over-the-phone and in-person readings, and she does readings for people all over the world, including from the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

“There’s really no limit as to where a spirit can connect to you,” she said. “You don’t have to be in person to connect with that spirit.”

Harrington will be doing her first gallery reading from 1 to 4 p.m. on June 25 at La Quinta Inn & Suites, 4829 N.W. Expressway.

“I’m going to try my best to give everyone there a reading,” she said. “I feel like it’s going to be a huge success.”

Tickets are $45 and can be purchased at Only 25 tickets are available because Harrington wanted to keep it smaller for her first gallery reading.

“A gallery reading is a cheaper way to a see a medium in action,” she said. “Whether or not you get a reading, or you get to witness somebody else get a reading, you get to see it in person. You get to be there to witness it or experience it, and that in itself is pretty cool.”

Private sessions are usually $85 per hour, which Harrington says is cheaper than most medium’s private sessions because she wants to make it affordable for anyone.


  1. Debbie Angelo on July 31, 2018 at 10:18 pm

    I am a believer and always have been. I used to see them when I was little but my Mom said it was my imagination so it faded. How can I regain my ability? I often feel their presence and speak to them but I can not hear replies.
    I really have a desperate need for a private reading.
    Keep doing what you do, it matters!!!!

  2. Amy Morriss on February 17, 2020 at 5:52 pm

    Are your readings done Over the phone or computer? I would like to have my reading done in person/ not sure how far you are from Yukon,ok/ i would actually like it done in my house.

    Please let me know!

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