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Meet our staff (from left to right): Managing/Sports Editor Kyle Salomon, Account Executive Bob Reynolds, News Editor Elizabeth Hillin, Staff Writer Maleyia Vaughn, Production Manager Patrick Schwartz, Receptionist Cerese Collie, Office Manager Andrea Griffin, and Account Executive Anjanette Higgins.

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1 Timothy, Chapter 6:11-19

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In Loving Memory of H. Marshall Settle

Former Publisher of The Chickasha Star


John M. & Paula Settle

Director of Advertising & Newspaper Operations

David. A. Settle

Office Manager

Andrea Griffin, x102

Managing Editor / Sports Editor

Kyle Salomon, x109


Maleyia Vaughn, x107

Staff Writer

Elizabeth Hillin

Production Manager

Patrick Schwartz, x108

Account Executive

Bob Reynolds, x106

Account Executive

Anjanette Higgins, x 104


Cerese Collie